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Goose Lake Fire Department Multiyear Fund-Raising Project


Recycling & Waste Collection Guide

Republic Services provides the waste and recycling services. The link below will take you to the recycling and waste collection calendar for 2023.

Garbage Recycle Calendar 2024

Safety Tip of the Month
March 2024

With the clocks springing forward, and with every daylight savings time change, it is a great idea to check every smoke detector and carbon monoxide (CO) detector in your home.

Check them by pressing the “test” button which should sound the detector. If you don’t hear anything, the batteries may need to be changed or a new detector may need to be installed. Detectors are typically only good for 10 years.

Smoke and CO detectors SAVE LIVES!

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Upcoming Events

Senior Citizens

Meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. More...

Goose Lake Fire Department Annual BBQ Contest will be held on June 15th in the City Park.
BBQ chef
Live music following event.


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Welcome sign of City of Goose Lake at a location which looks like a park

Welcome to the City of Goose Lake.

Open Field in the City of Goose Lake used for agriculture

Beautiful fields in the City of Goose Lake.