Indepth History on the Town of Goose Lake

by Brian Farrell

The Goose Lake was created about 150,000 years ago. The Mississippi River may have become blocked, and it is assumed that the river was diverted through the valley. When the Mississippi returned to its normal channel, Goose Lake remained. At this time, the lake probably encompassed the entire lowland between Preston and present day Goose Lake. This lowland still exists, streching about ten miles from north to south, with a width of one to one and a half miles.

The lake still covered several square miles when the first explorers saw the area in the early 1800's, being fed by numerous springs and rainwater. The lake was, and still is, drained to the north by Deep Creek, and to the south by Brophy Creek. Goose Lake was a haven to all kinds of animals, and was a popular hunting area for Sac and Fox Indians. According to Wolfe's History of Clinton County, geese and swans were so numerous "that acres and acres of water appeared as white as a snowdrift.

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